Services & Rates

60 & 90 minute sessions include time for short conversations about your massage goals and how I may be able to help you reach those goals. All first time clients will be asked to book extra time for initial consultation.

Massage Therapy

30 Minutes for $50 60 Minutes for $90 90 Minutes for $130

Massage therapy has been proven to lower stress levels, relieve muscle spasms, ease chronic pain and help bring about a general state of well-being. While I will be more than happy to book you for a full body massage, my approach to massage therapy is a little different then what you might find at a spa. You and I will work together to build a plan that will include elements of a variety of massage modalities.

Swedish Massage - a relaxing and therapeutic style of massage that combines oils or lotion with an array of soothing strokes including effleurage, petrissage, rolling, kneading and light percussion to help the body improve overall circulation. This modality is great to helping reduce general aches, pains and stress.

Deep Tissue - can mean a higher pressure Swedish massage, but is designed to provide targeted attention on deeper layers of soft tissue in the body. This modality is great for releasing chronic stress due to misalignment or repetitive motion and lingering injuries.

Myofascial Release Therapy - is a modality designed to specifically target release of bound up myofascial fibers and encourage your body to break up scar tissue, knots and muscle scars.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation - is a form of stretching designed to increase range of motion and general muscle flexibility.

Other modalities may include: Reflexology, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Shiatsu (pressure point massage)


30 Minutes for $50

Reiki, meaning universal life energy, is a Japanese healing art that is designed to increase and free unbalanced energy flows within the body. A Reiki session with me is generally one with minimal physical contact where I work with and direct this universal life energy along side your own personal energy to improve the flow of energy around your body and help to rebalance your chakra.

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